Cash Money Records head Baby recently gushed over his admiration for rap newcomer Young Thug and detailed just how much of an elite hip-hop artist he really is. #YMCMB4Life

Although Birdman would not address Thug’s rumored status on YMCMB, he did reveal how much the fellow Southern rapper admires protégé Lil Wayne.

“I know he a big fan of Wayne and we embrace Thug as our little brother. We come from the projects, New Orleans. That lifestyle where we come from. I wanted to do better for me. To do better for them. To do better for us. When I see Thug he come from that same cloth. From these streets. And I see an opportunity to help him change not just his life, his family’s life, his homies’ life. And make a difference in this world. And it’s through music, something that I’m powerful in.” (Complex TV)

Baby also compared Thug to Weezy F. Baby and fellow Cash Money stud Drake.

“I think a lot of rappers, n*ggas now just rapping a lot. And it don’t take a lot of rap to make a hit record. You know, you got the Wayne and the Drakes who really take songs and don’t rap at all. Might sing on a song. Might do just a little rapping. That’s what I see in him. He one of them that can do that. You know, Wayne developed into doing all these different things. And you got these young artists who really, Wayne is the mold for them.” (Complex TV)

Photos of Baby donning tattoos of YMCMB’s Rich Gang and Young Thug surfaced online last month.

We all know that Birdman loves to get tattoos. Recently, the Cash Money CEO added another piece of ink to pay homage to his crew and the hottest Atlanta rapper in the game. Baby, who showed off his latest ink work on Instagram, got a face tattoo that reads “RG” to signify his new management team Rich Gang. He then got a finger tattoo with the letters “C-M-Y-M-Y-S-L” — an acronym for Young Money Cash Money Stoner Life. So does this mean that Young Thug and Cash Money are officially a team? (The Boom Box)

Recently, Young Thug dished out his respect for Lil Wayne and explained how much he molded his style.

“Wayne, Wayne and Wayne. The fact that the n*gga got 100 M’s and he still rap everyday, it’s amazing,” Thug said in an interview. “Rich Gang to the death. Big shout out to [Gucci Mane]. He was a big help to my career. But, I’m with Rich Gang and that’s how we gone turn it up… [Cash Money’s Baby] is like a real father figure.” (The FADER)


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