Cash Money Records’ co-founder Baby recently talked about his label outlasting its competition from the 1990’s including Jay-Z‘s Roc-A-Fella Records and DMX‘s Ruff Ryders Interscope imprint.

From Baby’s perspective, his company’s work ethic and ability to spot talent has helped build his brand.

“I look at that sh*t as we went through war and we sustained the weather and we stood in the fog,” Baby said in an interview. “Even when muthaf*ckas counted us out, we stood up and we manned up. We did everything we had to, to get where we’re at today. I think God gives it to ya when he feels you’re ready for it. It took us a long time; we had to go through a lot of changes. A lot of obstacles, losses, gains. I just think right now we’re so great at this sh*t. We got so many young n*ggas who look at me and Wayne and what we’ve accomplished. You see the hunger [that] Drake and all the rest of those little n*ggas [have] because they’re reaching for those stories. We work like n*ggas who never made a dollar and I think that’s impressive to them. That makes them go harder. Those little n*ggas got promising futures.” (XXL Mag)

Last January, Birdman spoke on Cash Money’s ability to connect with younger generations.

“We believe in giving a youngster an opportunity to [express] what their vision is,” Baby said in an interview. “To corporate, you’re just an artist in a box. But when you f*ck with us, you inherit a family. Corporate will never be able to f*ck with us, because we’re in touch with the young world…I want to do more in the business than anyone ever did. I feel like people died for our success…Nobody else deserves this.” (Miami New Times)

In addition to artists like Bow Wow and Lil Wayne on his label, Baby recently inked a deal with production duo Cool & Dre to join the team.

“In 2011 it’s all about diversifying your talent and aggressively pursuing opportunities,” Andre “Dre” Lyon said in a statement. “It’s not about replacing legends and their accomplishments, it’s about creating a new legacy to inspire future young business men and women. Catch you at the Heat games, Wade let’s get it!” Cool & Dre experienced success with Cash Money in the past, having produced tracks for Lil Wayne, Birdman and Young Money. (All Hip Hop)

Based on the new Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List of 2010, Cash Money’s Lil Wayne is one of the top-earning artists.

Forbes released their annual hip-hop cash king list today and at the top of the pile is Jay-Z. They estimate Hov grossed $63 million last year. Rounding out the top five are Dr.Dre ($17 million), Lil Wayne ($20 million), Akon ($21 million) and Diddy ($30 million) (Rap Radar)

Check out some recent footage of Baby below: