Cash Money Records head Birdman and protégé Lil Wayne‘s daughters recently talked about the support they receive from their fathers and what’s the toughest thing about receiving so much attention.

With Baby and Weezy having blown up as hip-hop stars, Bria Williams and Reginae Carter admitted they give them the freedom to map out their own careers.

How have your dads supported you? Carter: I’m totally supported 100% with everything I do. School or writing this book or my music or clothing line. They’re very supportive and they just support us 100%. Williams: My parents tell us to go for whatever we want to go for and they say don’t give up and they’re very supportive. (Miami New Times)

They also briefly touched on the struggles of being the offspring to some of hip-hop’s biggest stars.

What do you think is the hardest part of being in the spotlight? Carter: The hardest part would have to be the rumors. Just when we were young we didn’t really know why they would say such mean things about us. Now we’re older and we can really ignore it. Now we really don’t care but that’s the hardest. Williams: I think the hardest part about it is seeing who your real friends are because some friends aren’t honest and they’re about getting tickets to concerts. Also the rumors and gossip, too. (Miami New Times)

Heading into the weekend, Reginae released a new track called “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

Take a break from listening to the Yeezus leak and tune in to Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter’s, song “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Reginae sings about how her dad will never leave even though she drives him crazy, and how he’s taught her some real life lessons. She just graduated from middle school last month. Reginae and Bria Williams, Birdman’s daughter, released a novel on June 4 titled Paparazzi Princesses. Reginae sings in auto-tune for most of the song, and even spits some bars towards the end. (Complex)

Recently, the duo dished on having rap stars as their fathers.

What is it like to have a hip-hop star for a dad? RC: There are some major advantages. Just the fact that you can go to awards shows and meet people in the industry that you look up to. Red carpets are so fun! BW: It’s cool, because I see my dad on stage performing, and it’s like, “Wow, that’s my dad.” RC: I am a big, huge fan of Rihanna and I met her a couple of weeks ago at her concert, and then she followed me on Instagram! She’s so cool. I love her. (Teen Vogue)