Music newcomer Azealia Banks recently offered her input on hip-hop and why she does not see herself striving to be a rap veteran when all is said and done.

In an ideal world, Banks would like to drop at least two albums before 2014.

“2013, personally, just to like keep on it, keep at it,” Azealia said in an interview. “If I have things my way, if the universe allows me to, you know, do things the way I want to do them, I want to get two albums out in 2013 — not necessarily take a break but do some more sound research and come up with a different style. I’d eventually like to stop rapping. That’s just the honest truth.” (Hype Trak)

She also dished out why the idea of rapping forever is not a realistic goal for herself.

“One day, I don’t want to rap anymore,” Azealia added. “It’s easy, you know what I mean, but I think it’s kind of tacky and I think it’s very unladylike and I like it but I think I’m gonna get tired of it. I would like to get two albums out, get all of the urban stuff, rap music out, or just whatever ideas I have in me out, in to fruition and go back to school and take voice lessons again and do contemporary jazz or whatever. I don’t know. I definitely don’t see myself being a rapper forever. I wll remain loyal to music, definitely.” (Hype Trak)

Last spring, Banks revealed having an opportunity to possibly link up with Dipset.

AZEALIA BANKS SHOWED UP FOR her big break a few years early. It’s 2008, and the Harlem-born rap rookie is dilly-dallying on the music video set for Juelz Santana‘s ‘hood carol “Jingle Bellz,” red peacoat beaming, knapsack bulging, lip gloss poppin’. She thumbs her Blackberry while awaiting an impromptu audition for her around-the-way heroes, only to be brushed off before uttering a single syllable. “I was prepared to spit for Dame Dash, but he kind of just went ‘Nah!’ and walked away. Womp,” recalls the now-20-year-old cocoa-toned rascal, choking with laughter. “Juelz looked at me like, ‘Whose little sister is here? Please get her the f*ck out.'” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, she downplayed receiving mainstream accolades by the likes of entertainers ranging from Kanye West to Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Harlem-born 20-year-old seems almost aggressively unastonished by the attention. “I definitely have more money [now] and sh*t,” she admits, “but that’s all virtual stuff. I’ve been making music for a while. And I could read about myself on the Internet for a while.” And meeting the likes of Kanye? “It’s cool, but they’re just people. The skies don’t part and glow orange.” As Banks begins recording her first album, is she listening to anyone for inspiration? “Everyone,” she says, but mostly “Azealia Banks.” (GQ)

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