New York rapper Azealia Banks has social media on fire this week after appearing to bleach her skin while overseas.

Banks went to Instagram Tuesday (June 14) and seemed to address the viral chatter about her skin complexion changing.

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According to reports, Banks used color-altering company Whitenicious for the complexion change.

Whitenicious spokeswoman Rebecca Matamba told BOSSIP that Banks is just one of the company’s celebrity clientele. “She loves Whitenicious and has tweeted about it multiple times…She is one of our many celebrity clients but she is just one of the celebrities who uses it and doesn’t care who knows,” Matamba said. (Bossip)

Company spokeswoman Rebecca Matamba explained the backlash Banks may initially receive.

“She is just a beautiful woman experimenting and trying new things and she looks great,” the rep added. “People should focus on her talent instead of her skin. After all she’s in an industry where everyone is getting a little nip and tuck here and there, the difference is others lie about it but she is open about it, because it’s her body not anyone’s and people should focus on her music.” (Bossip)

Earlier this year, Banks publicly revealed her interest in skin-bleaching.

The 212 hitmaker has lashed out at a perception she is a “villainous evil black b*tch” and doesn’t understand why people only write about her when she is doing “bad things”. She tweeted: “Wow the media only pays attention when I’m doing bad things. While I’m still viewed as some sort of villainous evil black b*tch. Maybe I should bleach my skin? Then maybe I’ll start getting a bit more respect in hip-hop then …..(sic)” (The Mirror)