New York rapper Azealia Banks and Lil’ Kim look like they’re on the same page. The duo have hit up social media to share a public exchange with one another.

This week, Banks reached out to Kim with accolades and received a hefty response from the Queen Bee.

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This week, Lil’ Kim shut down speculation about teaming up with Remy Ma for a Nicki Minaj subliminal record.

“The messed up thing is because we are real artists and me and Remy do what we do, no matter what we say, if I be like, ‘Fake a** such and such,’ they gonna be like, ‘Oh, she’s talking about such and such!’ I feel like people know me and Remy well enough that if we’re going to talk about somebody we’re going to say their name, we’re going to address them, we’re going to make it that or whatever. We just making music. We’re doing what we do. And like I said, my mind is always on that bag. My mind ain’t on ol’ girl.” (Hot 97)

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Earlier in the week, Banks shared her disgust of the Nicki/Remy beef.

“Even if you look at the whole Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma debacle. These are like the two mainstream band stand black female rappers we have and you guys pit them against each other and egg it on and then brought Cardi B up afterwards? Come on, negros. Come on, negros. Come on. I don’t know, for that to just have happened was kind of like stupid – men in hip-hop should have coerced them to work together. It looked really bad. It just looked bad and it kind of brought Nicki’s value down. Even if it brought Remy’s value up, it didn’t bring her the right value. It brought Remy’s value up in the chitlin circuit. Remy’s so talented. That was just like the easiest thing you could have f*cking done – and whoever convinced you to do it was against you. I’m sorry. Because now you’re the girl who wrote ‘Shether.’ … I ‘know’ Remy Ma’s music. I know her catalogue. I know her as an artist. Even if you didn’t collaborate with Nicki Minaj, I didn’t wanna see a fight. It just looks bad. It looks bad and it looks bad on female rappers. It looks bad on black women. Charlamagne should be f*cking ashamed of himself for egging it on. Papoose, you should be f*cking ashamed of yourself for letting Remy Ma do that. Like, she just got out of f*cking prison and you’re gonna just like stick her right back into the fighting thing. No. Absolutely f*cking not. Remy Ma didn’t even need to be on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ Cardi B needs ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ Remy Ma does not need ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ You get it? And it’s almost as if there was a greater strategy to do this and pop Cardi B in there.” (The Black Media)

Reports this week claim Remy and Lil’ Kim have a diss song called “Wake Me Up” aimed at Minaj.

Sources close to the deal tell TMZ … Columbia Records exec Shawn Holiday signed Remy to a multi-million dollar deal, and Remy immediately started working with Nicki’s arch nemesis, Kim.

The track is riddled with subliminal shots at Nicki:

— “That crown I’m gon take that sh*t. Cause you a clown and homie don’t play that sh*t.”

— “I heard he lay that d***. You let them filet that fish. You just met him how he bae that quick?”

Sounds like Remy’s taking shots at Nicki’s relationship with Nas … which, publicly at least, took off pretty quickly. (TMZ)