New York rapper Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey have much more than smoke for one another. The musicians have sparked social media’s attention after clashing at each other with some aggressive tweets.

Banks initially appeared to take the first swipes by going at Del Rey for recently bashing Kanye West‘s President Donald Trump support.

On October 1, Azealia Banks took to Instagram and tore into Lana Del Rey for her criticisms of Kanye West and his support of Donald Trump. Banks accused Del Rey of “selective outrage,” of partaking in “bootleg witchcraft” – Lana has openly discussed taking part in a ceremony to curse Trump – and ordered her to apologize to West. (The FADER)

Last night, Del Rey decided to finally clap back at Banks with a handful of serious tweets.

In late September, Lana publicly went at Kanye West on Instagram over his publicized support for President Trump.

Yesterday, Kanye fully stood up for donning his MAGA hat and explained why he believes it’s a positive thing.