New York rapper Azealia Banks can’t keep herself away from sparking online beefs and has engaged in a messy war of words with British singer Lily Allen.

The two music stars went at each other’s necks with a slew of personal insults via Twitter.

The feud was apparently ignited after Azealia, 22, called Lily ‘weak’ and insulted her husband Sam Cooper, claiming he looked like a thumb. She also branded the Smile singer’s children ‘ugly’, causing Lily to send an angry Tweet in response. ‘Not even gonna @ her but if she wants to talk about weak , I’m sure her record sales to date should suffice. One hit wonder,’ Tweeted Lily, 28. ‘And my husband ? Don’t go there bitch Or your totally unnecessary security detail may actually have something to worry about #wannabe’ She also showed her sense of humour by cheekily adding: ‘Ps we all need thumbs’ After Azealia responded with further insults Lily replied: ‘Okay Amanda , whatevs. #musthaveasongcomingout’ (Now Magazine)

Allen held her ground and mocked Banks for her frequent album delays while Azealia fired back with jabs directed at Lily’s husband.

The mum-of-two also hinted at the ‘beef’ between them by posting a picture of a roast dinner with the caption: ”It’s official’ The spat didn’t end there and continued over the next couple of days. Lily mocked Azealia – best known for hit single 212 – for not yet releasing her first album, writing: ‘ive had 2 kids since 212 dropped and i bet my my album still comes out 1st. bitch is scared of the ball. OUT.’ Azealia was quick to trade more insults though. ‘Lily Allen is promoting the f*ck out of Azealia Banks right now,’ the rapper Tweeted back. ‘She’s just mad cause sucking her husbands d*ck is like playing thumb wars.’ She then posted an unflattering topless picture of Lily and added: ‘Ugh, bitch bye’ This one looks set to run and run… (Now Magazine)

Back in March, Roc Nation’s Rita Ora fired back at disses shot her way from Banks.

Rita responded in a text message, which Azealia posted on Instagram.”At the end of the day I don’t know who the fuk u think you are secondly u dont know me I’ve done nothin but try b nice to u 3rd ur dancers were talkn to me further more ill see ur a** at the motherf*ckin concert,” wrote Rita. Banks shot back with her own stinging remarks: “She’s been TRYING IT on this tour man…..She’s mad she’s Rihanna’s understudy..” (Rap-Up)

Last summer, Azealia admitted she did not like resorting to Twitter to air out her personal issues.

“Of course, because it’s e-thugging… Who wants to look like that? But how else am I gonna reach y’all? I don’t have a T.I. to get on a radio show and defend me; I’m the one behind me. Y’all expect me to agree like, “Oh yea, I’m wack. I only have one song.” That’s one song y’all n*ggas don’t f*cking have. You might win some, but you just lost one.” (VIBE)

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