On March 1st, Azealia Banks promised her fans a sneak peek to her new song “Movin’ On Up”. In anticipation; fans flocked to her Instagram comment section awaiting for a time stamp.

The rapstress is gearing up to part two of her critically acclaimed mixtape Fantasea. After signing a deal with E One Entertainment, Fantasea 2: The Second Wave was officially announced.

Almost 24 hours later after promising fans some material, Banks dropped a version of the song that seemed a little lackluster for all the hype. In a frenzy, she quickly removed it, disappointing fans yet again. A few hours later the witch-hop princess found herself uploading something called “Movin On Up 4.0”, a high energy pop that features a 90s house hip-hop beat that you just can’t help but move to. Check out the revamped version of her already released song “Movin’ On Up” below.