New York rapper Azealia Banks is letting loose. The hip-hop diva has called out Kanye West in a new, must-see public rant and with some social media posts.

On Monday, texts and footage of Banks questioning Yeezy for reaching out to him out of the blue over a heart emoji she sent him.

“Five years go by, we don’t talk. Then you get caught in the middle of this mess with Donald Trump and Candace Owens and you’re hitting me up for f*cking advice. Running your f*cking mouth again, just being stupid. No research is done. You don’t know what the f*cking is going on. You don’t know the first thing about f*cking politics. It’s just f*cking embarassing. You’re 41 f*cking years old. Like, stop acting like you’re f*cking 10 years old and don’t know what’s going on like you don’t know how to tie your shoelaces. Go read a f*cking book. Go read a f*cking web article. You’re sitting up here in Elon Musk’s and talking all types of sh*t like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make space guns.’ N*gga, you don’t know the first thing about engineering. You probably don’t even know how to build a popsicle house. Who do you think is going to invest in these ideas, Kanye? And you’re sitting there on the phone talking about you’re depressed. When I send you a heart and say that I love you, it’s a sisterly thing my n*gga. F*ck whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Y’all already know what type of time I’m on. N*ggas is not going to be on, ‘Ouu, I love you.’ Then on top of that you’re going to put me on three-way with some n*gga that I don’t even f*cking know to try and embarrass me like I’m on your d*ck or some sh*t like that. Nah, f*ck outta here my n*gga. You’re bugging.”

Banks also claimed Kanye has sought her help for both music-writing and potential work on his Yeezy fashion brand.

“You just waste people’s f*cking time. First you send me this track with you and Tekashi on it and then I write the verse. Then all of a sudden you, Nicki and Tekashi are shooting a video. Then you want to hire me for Yeezy. Then you’re f*cking ignoring my ideas. You’re ignoring my ideas while I sat on the phone with you n*gga for five days building that f*cking concept up for you. I don’t hear from you for five days and then you hit me up to talk about some f*cking heart emoji I sent you my n*gga? You’re mad stupid. You’re mad f*cking stupid. You’re mad dumb. It’s like you’re out here playing f*cking karaoke with Mark Zuckerberg while I’m working my a** off while I’m trying to get you up on their f*cking level – you’re hitting me up over some f*cking heart emoji. People eventually are going to get tired of Kanye West. Shout-out to Travis Scott. That’s the only n*gga that didn’t fall under that trap. Where is CyHi’s album? I see what you did with Teyana Taylor’s record. N*gga, what’d you try to do to Virgil [Abloh]? You’re weird. You stay trying to play dumb. I realized that’s what you do. You try to play dumb and then people try to take this nurturing thing because they feel like you’re really a f*cking idiot. They try to do this nurturing thing. Then you skate off with ideas. You’re too f*cking grown to be asking motherf*ckers to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Asking motherf*ckers to pour a bowl of cereal. You’ve gotta do something for somebody else sometime – that’s not Kim Kardashian.”

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