New York rapper Azealia Banks has officially closed the door on having a potential future with hip-hop veteran RZA. The Big Apple musician publicly bashed Bobby Digital for not coming to her defense following a recent alleged altercation with actor Russell Crowe.

Banks went to Instagram last night (October 28) and went after RZA’s head.


Earlier this week, Azealia publicly pleaded with her fans on social media.


Recently, Azealia talked about falling back from taking legal action against Crowe.

Though she wants others to hear her story, Banks is no longer planning on pressing charges against Crowe. “Realistically, to be honest, I really don’t want to. Because I just don’t want this in the media. I want my music out. I just want to f–king put my music out,” the controversial recording artist explains. “I just want my music to shine. I don’t want to be dealing with another episode, another thing, another whatever.” (Us Weekly)

A day prior, RZA issued a statement on what allegedly went down between Banks and Crowe.