New York rapper Azealia Banks is letting people realize how much your past can impact your present. The hip-hop diva has hit up social media to speak out on her current label situation.

Banks went to Instagram Live Wednesday (December 6) and admitted a 2015 incident has scared potential record deals away.

Hope things work out for the one and only ๐Ÿ“ธ #AzealiaBanks

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In March, Banks took a plea deal in her boob-biting case to avoid a lengthy trial.

Banks, 25, copped to third-degree assault, the top count against her, in exchange for a deferred โ€‹no-jail โ€‹sentence for a bizarre altercation atโ€‹โ€‹ Up & Down nightclub in December 2015. The combustible rapper allegedly cursed out a female bouncer โ€‹who didnโ€™t recognize her, then punched and bit her when the woman tossed her from the Chelsea nightspot. (Page Six)

Recently, Azealia revealed the possibility of securing a record deal.


A couple months ago, Banks went the extra mile and crowned herself one of the best active rappers.

From the desk of #azealiabanks

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