With recent talks of an AZ and Cormega collaboration album, SOHH hit up the Brooklyn, New York-based rap veteran to find out if the duet project is a true possibility.

While AZ said he is open to the idea, no official talks have taken place as of this month.

“I’m not sure,” AZ said about the chances of a collaboration album. “I mean, anything is possible but we haven’t spoke on it yet. But you know, it ‘can’ happen. I mean, anything is possible, me and Cormega haven’t really built on it, we haven’t really sat down and patched things out but Mega is a cool brother, you know what I’m saying, especially with his music. So you know, anything is possible.” (SOHH)

Mega recently said a collaboration album with AZ could be put into the works.

“I just got off the phone with AZ last night, and I just came back from Europe with AZ,” Mega said in an interview. “We was talking about doing some sh*t and last year we was talking about doing the album. But you know, it just never materialized because I was too busy doing what I was doing. Both of us were grinding and didn’t put too much emphasis to it, and to be 100 percent real with you, we wanted to make sure it was with the right label. We ain’t trying to just put our sh*t out with anybody. So that is something that could happen. It could definitely happen.” (All Hip Hop)

Aside from Mega, AZ previously hit up SOHH to discuss his relationship with Nas.

“I mean, I reached out to him, uhm, I think he’s going through a couple of whirls, he’s going through a lot of situations so we haven’t really sat down and politic’ed and talked about everything,” AZ explained. “Actually, I did reach out for this Doe Or Die 2, that’s what I’m working on, the Doe Or Die 2 stuff. Raekwon did the Cuban Linx [2], and The Blueprint 3 and the Carter III and IV, so them sequels do good in the marketplace. So I’m trying to do this Doe Or Die 2, I reached out to him, I haven’t gotten feedback as of yet, but like I said, look at what he’s going through.” (SOHH)

Prior to being called off at the last minute, AZ was set to make a mini-Firm reunion last week in New York City with Foxy Brown.

Fans waited on line yesterday for hours to catch the show to no avail. Yet the concert was canceled after there was a dispute between the rap vet and the promoter of the show. XXLMag.com spoke to Larry Gold, a publicist at the venue, who assures ticket holders that they will be reimbursed. “95-99 percent of our shows we are dealing directly dealing with either the agent or manager,” Gold explained. “And this is one of those shows that went through a middle party. So other than we are reaching out to the promoter today to find out really what happened. Sadly to say we are really in the dark.” (XXL Mag)

Check out a recent Cormega interview below: