R&B singer August Alsina has stepped forward to speak out on his fight against blindness and how he discovered his eye complications.

According to Alsina, the discovery came after a quick visit to an eye doctor.

“For a while I had an issue with seeing,” Alsina revealed. “It was hard for me to see. So I just was driving one day and I saw this little spot for your eyes or whatever and I stopped through and basically the result was, the doctor told me, ‘You have this rare disease.’ Of course when somebody tells you that, you’re like, ‘You’re on some bullsh*t.’ I’m not hearing that, I’m not accepting that, I’m not believing that. At the end of the day, I went to see another doctor and he said the same thing so I didn’t have a choice but to accept it – if my right eye was like how my left eye is, I wouldn’t be able to drive or do anything.” (Power 105.1)

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Back in May, Alsina revealed his battle with blindness on Instagram.

Last year, Alsina talked about collapsing during a live performance and being hospitalized for seizures.

“I don’t live in the moment. I miss everything. So for that to happen to me, it was very, very humbling, but in the same breath, it was a sign of God saying, ‘You a king. Now go back and live as a king and do it the right way.'” (“The Breakfast Club”)


A few months ago, Alsina had to fall back on a concert due to his medical condition.

“Due to the well-publicized fall from a stage in New York last month which caused August to be hospitalized for more than a week, his medical team has advised him that it would be unwise to travel such distance so soon into his recovery.” (Billboard)