Atlantic Records is helping keep Nipsey Hussle‘s message and legacy alive. The music label has reportedly made a six-figure donation to the late rap star’s Neighborhood Nip Foundation.

According to Hussle’s brother Samiel Asghedom, Atlantic made it a priority to contribute to his non-profit organization.

“They wanted to be the first to donate,” Asghedom said. “It’s important we let people know that.” It was a long journey for only an hour of studio time, but this was the place where he first felt he could realize his rap ambitions. Hussle spent four to five hours commuting from Crenshaw to Watts every day. He’d ride his bike to the bus stop that took him to the Metro Blue Line and he’d walk the rest of the way. “There were teachers, volunteers, who taught the kids how to make beats and how to record themselves. And it was free,” Hussle’s brother Samiel Asghedom, 37, recalled. “That’s something Nip and a lot of people successful in music now went to as children. He took that small opportunity and ran with it.” (Los Angeles Times)

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Atlantic Records also issued a statement confirming the importance of contributing to Hussle’s foundation.

In an announcement to The Instances on Friday, Atlantic Data chairman and CEO Craig Kallman and chairman and COO Julie Greenwald stated, “Nipsey will be forever missed, but his courageous, generous spirit lives on in his incredible music and the impact he made on the community. Nip’s love for the generation coming up behind him is a big part of what’s inspiring this foundation, and we’re proud to celebrate his life by supporting his legacy.” (Herald Publicist)

A few days ago, Hussle’s Instagram account announced a big September 5 PUMA collaboration release.

On Monday, West Coast rapper Game remembered the fallen California legend with big motivational words about self-worth and finding happiness.