With the season nearing its end and hours away before his big game against the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons superstar Asante Samuel speaks to SOHH about what goals he has left in a star-studded NFL career.

Despite donning multiple Super Bowl rings and killing offenses for the past decade, Samuel is not ready to hang his jersey up just yet.

“Yeah, there’s definitely goals still left for me,” Samuel told SOHH when asked if he had anything left to play for with Super Bowl championships and Pro Bowl appearances already to his name. “I’m always trying to break records. I have one record right now, so far, so breaking records is always a goal. Of course winning another Super Bowl is a goal and, for myself, I really want to be in that Hall of Fame. I’m working at that, I’m having fun as much as we can right now, but those are my goals.” (SOHH)

Over the summer, Asante admitted he hoped to retire as an Atlanta Falcon.

“Yeah, definitely. Absolutely,” Samuel said when asked if he wants to retire in a Falcons uniform. “That’s my plan and hopefully my plans go through. So hopefully, I’m signed two more years with Atlanta so we’ll see how things go.” (VIBE)

Since 2012, the NFL stud has worked to build an impressive portfolio in the NFC South.

Samuel has defied the criticisms hurled his way over the past couple of years. In 2012, Samuel had five interceptions and 19 passes defended. His coverage skills are still at a very high level, and he now possesses the football wisdom that can influence the outcome of games. Ask Eli Manning. Samuel set the tone for the Falcons shutting down the New York Giants in 2012. Intercepting Manning’s first pass of the game, Samuel was immediately in the quarterback’s head. Samuel did not save this for himself. Samuel had schooled the Falcons on what he knew about one of the league’s quarterbacks. And it showed. (Bleacher Report)

Outside of sports, Samuel recently spoke to SOHH about his growing Deepside Entertainment label.

“Deepside Entertainment really came about because of a situation that a friend of mine brought to my attention some years back and I’ve always been a fan of music. I’m a businessman too, so, I started the company to help employee some of my friends from the neighborhood to give them jobs. Then I started working with some very talked artists like Young A.C.. It turned out to be a very good thing with very creative artists.” (SOHH)

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