Asian Doll Rides For Kodak Black: “He Was Chosen By God To Finish What He Was Born To Do”

Written By Chris Goossens

Asian Doll Supports Kodak Black

Florida rapper Kodak Black is getting all the praise. After a video has surfaced of him at a party following his prison release, rap star Asian Doll has shown him mad love and spoken out on his situation.

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Asian Doll Praises Kodak

Asian Doll took to her Instagram to speak about him on a post of his Super Bowl party appearance. She praised him for his long journey, acknowledging his reported abuse by guards in prison and also stating that Kodak Black was chosen by God to lead.

“He’s changed a lot cause he’s been through a lot from being in the highest maximum security prison in the US at his young age. Let’s not forget he was getting beat on by the guards writing letters acting us to HELP imagine that ….. so to me he look like he wanna break down. Thank god but the cameras are out so he’s soaking up the good energy but definitely he’s BLESSED he was chosen by GOD to finish what he was born to do. Kodak is about to BIGGER THEN EVER I’m happy he’s alive and free”

Kodak Black’s ‘Every Balmain’ Song

Kodak is embracing his freedom. The hip-hop star has come forward to bless fans with his new “Every Balmain” anthem following his recent release from prison. Heading into this past Saturday, KB pressed the green light on dropping his new song. The record follows his recently released “Last Day” song which came out after being released.

Kodak Black released his new single, “Every Balmain,” a slow-burning track where he decided to stand alone without any features. His fans have vocalized their support following his release and are awaiting news of the next Kodak project that we expect will arrive sooner than later. Stream “Every Balmain” by Kodak Black and let us know what you think. (Rap Basement)

Kodak Black’s ‘Every Balmain’ song.

Kodak Black’s The Last Day

Immediately following his prison release, Black surprised fans with new music. Kodak released his “Last Day In” song just hours after being freed.

Kodak Black must surely be a relieved man after getting free from prison. The rapper was pardoned by President Trump on his way out, getting released after serving about half of his 46 months for making a false statement on a Federal document. Kodak dropped a new song ‘Last Day In‘ immediately after being released. (HHNM)

Tory Lanez Believes Kodak’s Big Comeback Is Here

Last week, rap crooner Tory Lanez went to his Twitter page to keep things 100 on Black’s release. Lanez suggested Black is going to be at the top of his game with the new music he’s gearing up to release.

“Y’all N*gga’s don’t understand how hard this n*gga Kodak finna come back 😤😤😤😤😤😤”

Footage has started to circulate online showing off Kodak’s new iced-out grill and jewelry.

““I done stood up in that water with all kind of divers. I done made it out that fire, like a firefighter.” #KODAKHOME 🐐💎🩸”

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Written by Chris Goossens

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