Pennsylvania rapper Asher Roth has delved into what big plans he has on deck with the new Retro Hash album slated to drop in the near future and why he has embraced being Def Jam-free.

Despite not having the support of a major label, Ash said the creative side of music-making has come with ease.

“I’m not with a major label anymore, so the discipline has to really be there. You don’t have anybody telling you what to do or where to be. Obviously, what we do when we’re creating is really important, and there are strong influences in the media that can really affect what we do. It’s been nice to rid myself of anything that would have me second guessing or thinking about things negatively when I’m creating.” (XXL Mag)

The former Def Jam stud also reflected on his experience being on a major record label’s roster.

“When you sign a record deal, they let you know that you have the responsibility to sell records, so you get incepted with this thought process of, “Is this going to sell?” How real is that? If you don’t sell records, you lose your job. It’s almost this fear tactic. I got the chance to meet the Wizard of Oz, so to speak, and it’s like in the movie where you see him, and you’re like, “Really? It’s you?” After looking behind that curtain I said to myself, I just want to make music with my friends and not think about it. Not worry about if this is going to sell.” (XXL Mag)

Prior to Ash claiming a solid date has not been penciled in, reports suggested the follow-up to 2009s’s Asleep in the Bread Aisle would arrive in early January.

Asher Roth is starting out 2014 with new music. After several delays, the “I Love College” rapper will release his new album. RetroHash will arrive on January 7 featuring production from Blended Babies. “This should explain where I’ve been the past 4 years,” said Asher of the follow-up to his 2009 debut Asleep in the Bread Aisle. (Rap-Up)

Last year, Asher said Def Jam had no interest in rushing out music and concerned itself in a project getting the most promotion as possible upon its release.

“I would like it to come out by the end of the year,” Roth said in an interview. “It’s like all these rules, all these unspoken rules. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re not going to drop something in the fourth quarter, because if I drop it December 18, the whole world resets on the New Year, so you’re only getting like 12 days of real promotion until like budgets and all this weird stuff resets. You might as well just drop in January.’ … I’ve always broken my music on the Internet. ‘I Love College’ was a MySpace record before anything else. So I’ve always used the Internet to my advantage, so it’s tough when someone says, ‘Hey, no, hold up. Wait, wait, wait.’ Because the Internet waits for no one. … I wouldn’t have changed anything because I’ve learned so much from my experience. … Just understanding that life isn’t fair, and then you have to see your obstacles and go ahead and overcome them.” (Sways Universe)

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