R&B singer Ashanti is really feeling the love and appreciation. The veteran crooner went online this weekend to share her reaction to fans doing the most in her honor with tattoo tributes.

Ashanti’s Stunned

Over the past few hours, Ashanti has lit up her Instagram page with tons of must-see content. The seasoned musician shared clips of fans showing off their ink.

“Fan appreciation Friday… Wow…This is Amazing… feeling super humbled… Much luv ❤️🙏🏽 @tommygunnzart said this is one of his favorite songs 😊 @myfabolouslife” -Ashanti’s Instagram

The Princess

A few weeks ago, the popular singer went to her Instagram page to encourage her millions of followers. Ashanti specifically noted the importance of female empowerment.

“We’ve all been through hurt & pain, we’ve all had to make sacrifices, we’ve all fallen down and have had to stand back up… and nothing is better than the comfort of another loving, caring, supportive woman. Women Empowerment❤️❤️❤️Together… we are resilient, a force unparalleled 👑” -Ashanti’s Instagram

Ashanti gives us some words about female empowerment

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Ashanti shared new pics of herself rocking a crown. The pics also feature her plugging her merchandise store.

“👑” -Ashanti’s Instagram

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Ashanti – The Princess of RnB
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Slide right in 👀 Ashantimerch.com

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Ashanti recently released her new merchandise line
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Who remembers? 😜

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Ashanti brings back her Princess of RnB gear

Before You Go

In late April 2020, Ashanti geeked out over her music career success. The New York native reacted to having hits over the past three decades.

“☺️🙏🏽❤️” -Ashanti’s Instagram

Ashanti’s been achieving some new accolades in music