R&B singer Ashanti has come forward to clear the air and address her recent money-throwing concert incident. The popular crooner appeared on Internet show “Everyday Struggle” to explain why she shouldn’t be treated like a stripper during her performances.

In a heated debate with co-host Joe Budden, Ashanti unleashed some emotions on what went down at her recent show.

“I had on a bodysuit with boots which 90 percent of my peers wear which we perform in. We’re there to do a show. So that’s what you wear. Strippers are naked. Strippers sometimes they have on thongs, they’re naked, okay, well, their private areas – I’ve never seen a stripper in a bodysuit. I’ve been to AOD [Ace of Diamonds] a month ago, what are you talking about? Is New York the only place that has strip clubs? The point that I’m making to you is I’ve been in a strip club, I’ve seen things, I’ve seen private areas – do I want money thrown at me because I have on a body suit?” (“Everyday Struggle”)

Earlier this month, Ashanti sparked tensions over perceived anti-stripper remarks.

A few nights ago, a clip went viral of Ashanti losing it after getting treated like an adult dancer during a performance.

“Let me tell you something. Stop, stop. Yo, I’m gonna need you to stop throwing that money. I’m not a f*cking stripper!”

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Last month, Ashanti hinted at new music coming together with rap rookie Tory Lanez.

When you hear this hook…omfg 😩🔥🔥 Ashanti x Tory Lanez put together by my bro @ceoslow 🐌

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