R&B singer Ashanti is a true veteran in the music biz. The crooner has come forward to celebrate the 17-year anniversary of her self-titled debut album.

Early Wednesday, the musician went to Instagram with a slideshow of tunes and reflection on her LP’s legacy.

This week, Ashanti’s former labelmate Ja Rule hinted at a possible Murder Inc. reunion tour.

Last year, Ashanti struck back at longtime Murder Inc. rival 50 Cent over low ticket sales allegedly forcing a concert cancellation.

“Officer Curtis better cut it out. [laughs] I mean it’s obvious [the show was canceled because] it was a lack of promotion. The school put out a statement to clarify it was a lack of promotion and, you know, they shouldn’t have never did it. So, you know, no hard feelings. Thank-you so much – Curtis is definitely a bully.” (TMZ)

Days prior, 50 Cent ripped Ashanti for having a concert nixed over ticket sales.