Former Murder Inc. artist Ashanti has finally come forward to speak out on the now-infamous early 2000’s beef she found herself dragged into against 50 Cent‘s G-Unit.

In Ashanti’s perspective, fans fail to realize the notorious feud involved more than just music.

“You have the term ‘guilty by association’ and it’s funny because I’ve had plenty of conversations with ‘thugs’ [laughs] and plenty of dudes and even with Fif, it was never aimed at [me]. [50 said ‘It’s just your crew.’] I caught stray bullets. … People have to understand it wasn’t just 50 and G-Unit and Murder Inc.. It was 50 and G-Unit, Murder Inc., the federal indictment, going to court. And then it was crazy because it was Irv and Ja going through issues, but it would be my picture on the cover of the [New York] Post. I didn’t have anything to do with that.” (“The Grio”)

Last month, Ashanti revealed rumored ex-boyfriend Nelly helped an apology from 50 Cent go down at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

During a radio interview with America’s DJ Whoo Kid, who is signed to G-Unit Records, she explained, “I would see 50 every now and again and I never had a problem. He didn’t seem like he had a problem. But, the first time we kind of ‘spoke’ so to speak, we were at the Vmas in Vegas and Nelly was like, ‘Yo, you need to apologize to my girl’. “We were in front of everybody and, you know, 50 has a personality. He was like, ‘Ashanti I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Ashanti!'” (Contact Music)

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks previously opened up about apologizing to Ashanti for past remarks he made during their camps’ disputes.

“I had a chance to talk to Ashanti over the telephone,” Banks said in an interview. “I mean, my reasoning for apologizing, I just felt like I should. Even at the time when we were going back and forth in that feud with Murder Inc., she wasn’t speaking. She wasn’t throwing shots or anything. I think if you’re a part of the game then you should get played. At that time, she just was on the roster, so I just felt like it would be cool for me to just apologize for some of the things that were done in the past. Even though it was done in hip-hop, it wasn’t anything personal. It just felt that I should do that.” (BET)

Banks’ “What Goes Around,” which dropped around 2003, name-checked the songstress.

“I’m in the hood cause I’m hood/You in the hood cause you ain’t got no choice/Your top seller gettin’ sticked for his shine/Either I’m blind, or Ashanti’s sideburns is thicker than mine.” (“What Goes Around”)

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