Renowned television host Arsenio Hall has stepped forward to speak out on Kanye West recently name-dropping him in a radio interview and referencing his sudden disappearance from late night television decades ago.

In Hall’s opinion, Kanye failed to realize he never received a pink slip and actually walked away from his show in the 90’s.

“Like usual, Kanye’s premise confuses the facts so then therefore, everything else has to be thrown out,” Arsenio said during a press conference. “He’s a musician, I’m a comedian. We’re not doctors. Nobody works for John Hopkins, you know what I mean? We’re not educators and I think we take ourselves a little too seriously. But that’s something that’ll straigthen itself out with maturity because the bottom line is, ‘They gonna do me like,’ it’s like, yo, man. Stop making me like I’m Nat Turner or something. I know what you heard in the barbershop. I just left my show, the white man didn’t do nothing this time, bro. Let’s save that for when the white man do do something, you know? Don’t muddy the waters of racism with my bullsh*t because it was not racism. It was not plotted. I just left my show. … I don’t like to be put in those conversations because there’s no struggle here.” (Hip Hollywood)

Arsenio also touched on how upset he becomes over the usage of “slave” in popular culture.

“I hate the word ‘slave’ used in songs. The f*ck outta here,” Hall added, likely referring to Kanye’s “New Slaves” track. “Do you know what that word is? Do you know what that word is all about? Nobody can use the word ‘slave’ in pop culture. If you’re in the music business, you shouldn’t f*ck with that word. Too serious an era. Too serious a problem in America. Using the word ‘slave’ in pop culture, there’s no one that’s free to move around this country that should use the word ‘slave.’ Do you know what it meant to slaves?” (Hip Hollywood)

Last month, Kanye suggested Hall felt the wrath of executives and lost his “The Arsenio Hall Show.”


“I could use my voice but what would happen if y’all don’t buy no other albums,” Kanye asked in an interview. “Then that voice, people are going to say, ‘Oh, he’s like Arsenio Hall and he was turning up too much and now you fired.’ But when you got money, can’t nobody fire you.” (Power 105.1)

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