Days after the shocking footage of a Texas police officer pulling his gun out on teenagers during a pool party incident surfaced, one of the teens has come forward to speak.

Eighteen-year-old teen Adrian Martin reflected on the now-infamous moment and questioned why he found himself in handcuffs.

“There was no drinking, no smoking, like other people had said there was,” teen Adrian Martin said referring to the pool party. “It was just a normal, teenage party … So I shift to the side a little bit to get her to look at me in the face like, ‘Look, we’re going to call your mom. It’s alright,’ ’cause she was shouting, ‘Call my mama, call my mama.'” (USA Today)

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The shocking seven-minute clip landed online Saturday (June 6).

Police responding to reported disturbance at a community pool in McKinney, Texas, are seen in a video posted to YouTube aggressively subduing black teenagers and, at one point, pulling a gun on them. The video, posted on Saturday, shows police running after swimsuit-clad teens and one officer throwing a girl to the ground and using his body weight to pin her down. When other teens approach the officer, he releases her and briefly draws his sidearm before two other officers intervene. (NPR)

The McKinney Police Department has since come forward to address the situation and provide context.

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After being detained by police, the featured female teenager was eventually released.

“[The teenage] female was temporarily detained by one of the officers,” police Chief Greg Conley told reporters on Sunday afternoon. “She was ultimately released to her parents.” A dozen police officers eventually responded to the disturbance. “Several concerns about the conduct of one of the officers at the scene have been raised,” Conley said. “The McKinney Police Department is committed to treating all persons fairly under the law. We are committed to preserving the peace and safety of our community for all our citizens.” (WFAA News)