President Donald Trump might want to hop off social media for the next few hours. Headlines are generating today (March 14) as reports surface about a California teacher accidentally discharging a firearm while in a classroom for public safety and hurting a student.

According to reports, the incident went down Tuesday (March 13) at a Northern California school.

Dennis Alexander, who is Seaside City’s mayor pro tem and a reserve officer with the Sand City Police Department, was teaching a lesson at Seaside High School in Seaside, California when he pointed his gun into the ceiling and accidentally fired it, said Abdul Pridgen, the city’s police chief. A 17-year-old student was injured by a bullet fragment or by debris that fell off the ceiling, Pridgen said. (CNN)

The injured student’s father has since addressed what went down.

Classes at the school resumed after the incident. But Fermin Gonzales, father of the boy injured in the neck, said he only became aware of what happened when his son returned home with blood on his shirt—so his parents took him to hospital for X-rays. “He’s shaken up, but he’s going to be OK,” Gonzales told KSBW. “I’m just pretty upset that no one told us anything and we had to call the police ourselves to report it.” Gonzales added: “It’s the craziest thing. It could have been very bad.” (Newsweek)

Last month, rap rookie Cardi B ethered President Donald Trump’s support for teachers having guns in their classrooms.

Recently, President Trump shared his support for the idea of teachers strapping up.

Teachers carrying a concealed gun could end attacks “very quickly”, he said. Mr Trump floated the proposal – long-championed by the powerful NRA gun lobby – as emotional survivors of the 14 February massacre urged him to take measures to stop similar attacks. The US leader called for improved background checks on gun buyers. “It’s not going to be talk like it’s been in the past,” he said. (BBC)