Weeks after stand-up comedian Aries Spears fired shots at 2 Chainz over his lack of originality, SOHH spoke to fellow funny man Jack Thriller for his take on the incident.

Jack said Spears and Chainz fans alike should not take offense to anything which comes from the mouth of a renowned comedian and co-signed the high-profile entertainers.

“That’s a comedian’s job. That’s one of Aries Spear’s fields,” Thriller told SOHH when asked for his take on the former “madTV” star taking a shot at 2 Chainz. “I don’t feel like you should ever hold your tongue. Whether it be about religion, something in hip-hop or grieving death, that’s all funny. As far as Aries taking shots, it was funny. I know 2 Chainz from when he was Tity Boi ten years ago and I remember how hard he worked to get to where he is right now with everyone blowing him off. Now everybody wants to work with him. I’m proud of him. I can’t hate on him. I can see what Aries Spears is talking about but eh, that’s what the temperature is in hip-hop right now. If you can get a chick out of this [music], I’m behind them. As far as Aries Spears goes, if that’s what he’s got to do to stay hot then I say do it. Do it! TMZ. It’s about a d*mn check.” (SOHH)

Aries’ on-street interview disses made widespread headlines around mid-January.

2 Chainz is not that different … he’s just another TERRIBLE rapper … this according to former “MADtv” star Aries Spears. Spears was walkin’ around NYC yesterday when we asked about the current state of hip hop — and for some reason, AS unloaded on 2 Chainz. “I think 2 Chainz SUCKS,” Spears said … adding, “Have you heard the lyrics? All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho? Get some better rhymes 2 Chainz.” (TMZ)

Last November, New York rapper Saigon called out hip-hop artists including Chainz for the content they put on records.

“That’s behind me, you know what, if they don’t change the message though, for real, I’m on a whole new beef, man,” Sai said in an interview. “[Who would I want to punch right now?] Rick Ross. I want to punch everybody, man. Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, everybody who’s putting detrimental music for children, man, because these companies market the music to children, and y’all know that. … This [music] is marketed to children and we know that. I’ve got kids, man. I’m not trying to have to battle with my own kid because she’s influenced by big booty [girl]. I did ‘106 & Park’ the other day, and I was so sad to see these little young girls spitting the lyrics and some of the stuff that was coming out their mouths and they’re 13 or 14, and they’re talking about all of this. I’m like, ‘God d*mn, yo, who’s responsible for all this? … It ain’t just pin-pointing Rick Ross and 2 Chainz and them n*ggas, because everybody’s doing it. Put them all on a dart board and throw the dart.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Outside of dropping bars, Chainz showed off his acting skills on last night’s “2 Broke Girls” television show.

After hooking up with a big-time music personality, Max got a hook-up of two tickets to the Grammys and a free trip on a private jet. Ironically, the jet they wound up on happened to be the one Caroline used to own. It even still had the same pilot. It also happened to pick up one more passenger in the form of 2 Chainz himself. He and Caroline hit it off pretty well — after she freaked him out by posing with her butt next to his face while he was sleeping. He didn’t seem put off by her rap skills at all, joining her in an impromptu take on that “Birthday Song” single. Unfortunately, a mechanical problem separated the girls from 2 Chains, who caught another flight to the Grammys. They had to settle for a cheap motel in the Midwest and their memories of flying high. (Huffington Post)

Check out Aries Spears speaking on 2 Chainz:

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