[After blowing up at last year’s Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards with a cocoon costume, music newcomer Wentworth talks to SOHH about his transformation from previous alias Charles Corby.]

I needed to get away from Charles. I suppose that going with Wentworth lets me kind of use what I’ve been through and turn it into something that’s actually going to benefit us as a human race and really push things forward.

It’s a great time in the world for change because there’s been a lot of disrupt in politics and a very clear division. People don’t quite know what’s going on and I think they’re looking for change and leadership. The transition to WentWorth was very natural because it allows me to be an outsider and get a bit of validation and people will accept that.

When you’re the art kid, you’re an outsider your whole life, sitting in the back of the classroom and no one’s talking to you and suddenly, boom! I can do something with my life and I can use this to create something with this.

Essentially coming from my background, we grew up in poverty, and I was getting Christmas presents from the Target Christmas tree and I first attempted suicide when I was six-years-old and then I just hated being alive. I hated everything about myself and I thought that everybody hated me as well.

Then when I was thirteen, I tried to kill myself again. They landed me in a mental asylum. Being in those walls, that was the most awful period of existence in my life without that control. It really tortures you and makes you think, “Okay, if I can’t end my life this way, then what can I do that’s the adverse of that?” So I think that when I came out of that, I was really set with the tunnel vision and a strong sense of purpose of what to do with this short existence that we have in life.

From then on, I was just fearless and I dabbled in a few things. Finishing school wasn’t easy. I was molested by a teacher and then I left school and dabbled as a prostitute while working on this career, which was always the goal.

With unwavering ambition and dedication to it and that knowledge that even though I’m there alone, literally every night I told myself I was going to make it any way and I just sort of knew that.

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