Anyone read that interview with Kanye West on MTV? Here’s the part that got me to pause BET’s Rap City on the TIVO and get to blogging.

“After my parents got divorced and we moved to Chicago when I was 3, I would go see my father on Christmas, spring break and summer. My father was my everything, but during the rest of the time, my mother was my everything. Of course there’s a good side to that, but the bad side of that is that people call you a mama’s boy. It gets to the point that when you go to high school and you wasn’t out in the streets like that, and you ain’t have no father figure, or you wasn’t around your father all the time, who you gonna act like? You gonna act like your mother…And then everybody in high school be like, “Yo, you actin’ like a fag. Dog, you gay?” – Kanye West

This sounds something your boy tells you right before he finishes his sentence with, “I’m gay.”

I’m not saying Kanye is gay . I’m just saying it sounds like a pre-quel to something more.

PS – I don’t have anything against homosexuals. Some of the people who read my blog are gay.

PSS – (More Than A Movement > Late Registration) == Replay Value + 10)