Apple Inc is reportedly ready to face-off against hip-hop giant Jay Z‘s new TIDAL service with a roll-out to offer exclusive deals for Beats Music artists.

According to reports, Apple has reached out to various music stars including country star Taylor Swift about a potential exclusive partnership.

Apple Inc has approached more than a dozen musicians, including British band Florence and the Machine, in an effort to sign exclusive deals for some of their music to be streamed on Beats, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The company is in talks with Florence and the Machine to give Apple limited streaming rights to a track from their album set to be released in June, Bloomberg said. (Huffington Post)

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Reports claim the re-launched Beats Music service will come with a reasonable monthly price plan.

Beats Music will be re-launched in coming months. There will be a $9.99-a-month subscription for individuals and a family plan for $14.99, according to sources, Bloomberg said. (Huffington Post)

Recently, ex-Roc Nation artist Wale gave his take on Jay’s new streaming service.

“Music is in a weird place right now because you got the streaming, iTunes, Spotify and now Jay Z has Tidal — We’re not gonna know the significance of the place we’re in right now for like the next 10 years when we look back on it.” (“Larry King Now”)

Last weekend, Jay’s superstar wife Beyoncé premiered a new song on TIDAL.

In honor of their seventh wedding anniversary, Beyoncé celebrates her love for Jay Z on a new song called “Die With You,” which debuted Saturday on Jay Z’s new streaming service TIDAL. Wearing a Michael Jackson Thriller T-shirt and braids under a backwards cap, she performs the stripped-down song while playing the piano. The tender tribute includes the touching lyrics: “I don’t have a reason to be if I can’t be with you” and “I live so I can die with you.” (Rap-Up)