Do you need a reason to get out? Need a fun music outing in the Big Apple? Have you ever visited the world-famous Apollo Theater?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go check out the sixth annual Africa Now! at the Apollo Theater Saturday, March 3rd at 8 PM EST! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win free passes!]

Reason 1: The 6th Annual Installment

The first reason you should grab a friend, bae or family member to head out to check the Apollo Theater’s Africa Now! concert series is because it’s the sixth run. Those types of numbers don’t just come by overnight – they’re usually the result of growing popularity, strong buzz and a well-produced event packed with music lovers. For a sixth time, the not-for-profit World Music Institute has teamed up with the Apollo Theater to present some of Africa’s biggest musical talents all under the same roof. This special night celebrates the best of the best from African culture in one of the most legendary venues in the entertainment industry. [CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TIX NOW!]

Reason 2: The Line-Up

The second reason this is an absolute must-see is because of the line-up. Leading the pack this year is South African musician Black Coffee who is most known for creating Afropolitan house music that does much more than make you bop your head. Inspired by United States house music and infused with his own South Africa roots, Black Coffee is going to raise the stakes for this special night. If you’re into duos, then look no further than Nigerian musician Tony Allen linking up with deejay Jeff Mills as they put the best of both worlds together to dominate a high-energy night. They should deliver some very necessary Afrobeat and techno sounds. If that’s not enough, you can look for additionals acts like Pierre Kwenders and Ayo to keep the excitement going from start to finish. [CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TIX NOW!]

Reason 3: The Afterparty

The third reason you should go and experience Africa Now! at the Apollo Theater on Saturday, March 3 is because there is an actual afterparty performance you can look forward to. Afrotronix is slated to come through with an energetic performance promptly at 10 PM EST. Let’s just say if you needed a reason to come in late Saturday night, Africa Now! has you covered. The excitement and dance-heavy night might never end. [CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TIX NOW!]

Reason 4: The Location

The fourth reason you should come through for Africa Now! is because of the location. This is easily one of the most legendary New York venues – ever – and serves as the place some of the biggest entertainers in the world really had their first show. Even more special is how many hip-hop artists have blessed this stage from Dipset and Cam’ron to Nas and JAY-Z to everyone in-between. The Apollo is royalty and while it’s great to walk by it during the daytime, there’s something special about coming here for a live performance and seeing this venue in its true glory. [CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TIX NOW!]

Reason 5: One Big Night

The fifth reason you should pull through is because this is a one-night special. Seriously. There are just some things which aren’t worth missing and this is one of them. Let’s face it, with all of the positive vibes we’re still feeling from Black Panther, why stop the fun now? Really get in-tune with African culture and find out why Africa Now! has remained a must-see night and experience it for the few hours you can. Take your Black Panther vibes and experience true African culture and sounds! [CLICK HERE FOR YOUR TIX NOW!]

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