[With more than two decades of music to his name, soulful singer Anthony Hamilton tells SOHH how he gets down with his free time and why new releases like Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. and Faith Evans’ posthumous Notorious B.I.G. The King & I album keep him tuned in.]

I like taking naps. I like cooking. I’ll take a pair of clippers and cut a head or two. I’ll also take a nice drive in my truck while bumping some Kendrick Lamar. DAMN.

It’s on repeat. Heavy rotation. Album of the year, hands down.

The new Faith Evans album, I’m sure it will be well-done. Faith Evans and Diddy and all those cats are going to get together to make sure it gets done properly.

I’m sure there’s some great music. I’m excited to see what they do and how they pull it off. It’s going to be exciting. The people are going to love it.