[With daily trips across the country to perform at large and small venues alike, R&B veteran Anthony Hamilton chops it up with SOHH about his approach to each region’s crowds.]

When it comes to touring, it’s about giving everyone true quality music and the hits that they love. If you play them the music they request, they’ll root for you.

Every now and again when you come to New York you have to give people something special and when you go to Los Angeles you gotta give them something that’s just for Los Angeles, a little West Coast.

But for the most part, they want to hear that down home music. They want you to remind them about grandma and auntie and your own blood. It’s about taking them to church.

The audience will let you know what they like and what they like a lot. You can take heed to what you see and hear and how they react to it.

It’ll let you know what type of sound to put into the next record. It’s always good to have that feedback. Some people take it too literal and you want to make sure to have a good balance. Fans can get a little fickle at times. Those are not the true fans, you gotta make sure to follow the true fans’ reactions and feedback.