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Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy one of tech giant Anker’s endless power banks, chargers, cables and more! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own Anker prize!]

Reason 1: The Anker Brand

The first reason you should buy Anker’s power banks, chargers, cables and much more is because of the brand itself. The company is a worldwide leader in portable battery charging and continues to push forward with new supply units as fresh technology enters the public sphere. Let’s face it, AA and AAA batteries just don’t cover it anymore. We’re living in times where if your favorite gadget doesn’t have ‘Smart’ in front of it, you’re way behind – smartphones, smart TV’s, smart homes are all a very real reality and if you’re planning on evolving, you need the best power supplies to keep your gadgets and lifestyle fueled up. Anker has made a name for itself with its global supply of smart charging technologies equipped to keep the home, car and on-the-go gadgets pumping with energy.

Reason 2: Power Banks

The second reason you should buy Anker’s power banks, chargers, cables and much more is because of the power banks themselves. Let’s face it – you can’t go a full day without needing a power boost on your smartphone – and that includes both Team Android and Team Apple. No matter the tech giant, the invention of infinite power just doesn’t exist. Anker comes through in the clutch with the best power banks you can grab and all at affordable prices. Do you hate carrying extra, bulky power banks? Anker has you covered with its pocket-sized portable chargers. Whether it’s the PowerCore 5000 which typically runs for about $21.99 and comes in a fancy red color and gives you roughly 1-2 full phone charges or the plug-in friendly PowerCore Fusion 5000 which lets you power up three devices at once as long as you have a wall outlet – these pocket-sized chargers are must-haves. One of the more friendly and fun power banks is the PowerCore Slim 5000 which lets you charge to your phone as you use it. Simply attach it to your iPhone and work away as it charges.

Reason 3: The Desktop Chargers

The third reason you should buy Anker’s power banks, chargers, cables and much more is because of the amazing line-up of desktop chargers available. There is a nice range of chargers which you can easily pop onto your desk and charge up to six devices at once. Just take a look at the PowerPort Speed 5 Ports which comes at the reasonable $35.99 price and can charge your phones, tablets and Apple Watch all at the same time. Forget having to go find 20 different outlets. If you’re a tech and gadget fanatic, you can up the ante with the PowerPort 6 Ports & 6 Micro USB Cables which comes packed with six spots to charge up your go-to gadgets – notably for Androids and devices which rely on the Micro 6 USB Cables. Again, at just $35.99, it’s a price you really can’t beat.

Reason 4: The Cables

The fourth reason you should buy Anker’s power banks, chargers, cables and much more is because of the vast variety of cables you have to choose from. If you need a super quick charge, then look no further than Anker’s Lightning Cables which live up to the name. If you have the space, go crazy and get your hands on the 6-foot PowerLine II 6-foot Lightning cable which comes in the colors black, white, blue and red with the price of $12.99. Not only can you expect quicker charge speeds, you can appreciate the 5x durability these have compared to other cables. If you’re big into traveling and are known for cramming things into your bags and luggage, these are the route to go!

Reason 5: Anker Audio

The fifth reason you should buy Anker’s power banks, chargers, cables and much more is because the company is low-key doing big things in the audio world. Sure, chargers are great but how about listening to your favorite streaming channel’s new releases? If you’re a fan of Bluetooth, then look at everything from the Pocket Bluetooth Speaker and SoundCore Sport Bluetooth Speaker which are great if you’re on the run or if you’re more about presentation and overall lifestyle enhancements to your home, then check out the SoundCore Bluetooth speaker which only runs for $23.95 and comes in black, red and blue. The options are vast and with the holiday season officially here, there’s no better treat than grabbing an affordable speaker to play some Christmas tunes to. Dipset Christmas, anyone?

Check out the top five reasons you should buy an Anker power charger and enter to win your own prize!
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