[With his recently released “Uncomfortable” album still in steady rotation on music playlists, hip-hop artist Andy Mineo talks to SOHH about securing producer !llmind as its executive producer.]

It was really an honor to work with !llmind because I was such a fan of his sound. He has a similar story to me.

He grew up in New York, or rather New Jersey, but that’s that north east New York harsh hip-hop sound but at the same time there’s that deep appreciation of various cultures and soundscapes.

He’s very eclectic as I am too.

!llmind loves to merge that hard New York sound that moves my soul but at the same time loves to venture out into the Southern and the trap and all the other things.

It was an honor to work with him because he’s one of my favorite producers. Period.

For him to come on board and offer the heat that he did, it was an honor.

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