[With his new “Uncomfortable” album finally available, hip-hop artist Andy Mineo gives SOHH the insight and story behind his eye-catching cover art.]

About five minutes went into creating the “Uncomfortable” cover art.

But it’s not about how long it took to put together the album cover. It’s more about the story behind it and what it means.

It’s a very forward piece of art and I think that it’s not really meant to be explained. It’s meant for people to sit with it.

It’s very meta.

It’s for people to contemplate and think about. As they go and look through the album, it will start to make more sense.

There’s lots of angles to that cover and people can have their own interpretations of the cover but one of the things we love about it, from an aesthetic point of view is that it’s very striking and stands out amongst all the other album covers on iTunes and physical retailers.

It’s very jolting and it catches your attention. I think playing with the concept of it being that everyone’s phones are now just glass, the glass screens, I’m right there inside of your phone and iPad. You can’t ignore me.

I’m stuck in that box but I’m not supposed to be stuck in that box.

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