[With fans still rocking out to his new “Uncomfortable” album, hip-hop artist Andy Mineo talks to SOHH about hitting the road this month for his first-ever headlining “Uncomfortable” tour.]

I’m excited and stressed because this is my first headline tour. The whole night belongs to me.

People are specifically coming out and paying their hard-earned money to see me and I want to provide them with an experience that’s unlike anything else they’ve ever had.

I set the bar high for myself because I feel like if innovation isn’t happening in art and creativity, it’s not worth my attention and time.

I feel the same way about me creating.

I want to innovate and create moments and memories for people through art.

There’s lot of pressure but I’m excited about it. I feel like we have an amazing line-up and night planned with how the stage looks. I got to design that. That was lots of fun.

I’m really excited about going to Irving Plaza because that’s the hometown show and it’s right here. It’s great, it’s cool and it’s going to be packed.

We’re already close to selling that out already.

We’re a month away and I’m excited about that venue the most.

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