OutKast’s Andre 3000 recently talked about his publicized return to the mainstream with group member Big Boi and dished on how he approaches guest appearances.

Despite having classics under his belt, Three Stacks admitted his run as an emcee may be coming to an end.

“I remember, at like 25, saying, ‘I don’t want to be a 40-year-old rapper.’ I’m 39 now, and I’m still standing by that. I’m such a fan that I don’t want to infiltrate it with old blood,” Andre said in an interview. “I’d love to put out an album. I’m just going to call it honest. I know this may sound morbid, but I was like, if I were to die today, I have all these half-songs on my hard drive, and I don’t want that.” (New York Times)

Andre also discussed feeling an obligation to not let down music’s current superstars.

“I struggle with the verses. I don’t sit around and write raps, I just don’t. Now the only time I’m really inspired to write raps is if an artist that I enjoy invites me to their party. So if Future calls and says, ‘Hey man, I want you to do this,’ I don’t want to let Future down. I don’t want to let Lil Wayne or Drake down, because I love them.” (New York Times)

Recent reports claimed Three Stacks was not rushed but planned to put out a follow-up to 2003’s The Love Below.

Though Three Stacks declined a formal interview, as he was alongside his son, Seven Benjamin, and two others, we did have a brief conversation about his highly anticipated solo album. André 3000 confirmed that he was indeed working on new music, but was in no rush to release it, as these things take time and precision. After a joke from a fellow member of media who said, “I’ll believe it when I hear it,” 3000 replied with a laugh and simply nodded. (HHW)

Although Boi stayed slim with the details, he did promise fans could expect his own solo offering a few months ago.

“It’s all about the 20 year anniversary of Southernplayalistic,” Boi said in an interview. “It’s a long time to still be doing music at a high caliber and having fun doing it. [Me and Killer Mike touring?] Anything can happen. We’ve got a couple new jams we recorded in the studio recently, so look out for that new Big Boi solo record coming too. So, you know, we’re just staying working, man.” (REVOLT TV)