West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg is reportedly taking legal action toward alcoholic beverage company Colt 45 over a business situation gone bad.

According to reports, Snoop is suing the company over not paying him for a sponsorship deal.

Snoop signed an endorsement deal in 2011 to promote Colt 45’s fruit-flavored malt beverage, Blast. In a new lawsuit filed Monday, Snoop claims part of the deal was he would get 10% of the sale price if Pabst Brewing Co. ever sold off Colt 45. Cut to 2014 … when Oasis beverages swallowed up Pabst, and the C45 brand in a $700 million deal. (TMZ)

Watch Snoop Dogg catch some backlash over a sexist comment on the next page…

Snoop recently caught some backlash over a sexist comment he made toward a camerawoman.

In the 37 seconds video in Tunney’s analysis, CBC reporter McMillan asked Snoop, “How’s the hospitality?” And Snoop is heard to answer in the video, “Hospitality has been awesome, baby. I like your camera girl, too. She’s thick. Damn. I wasn’t even looking down like that. Now I’m forced to look down at the camera. Look at that. Look at that. Look at the sh*t on that quitter.” (Examiner)

The camerawoman has since stepped forward to speak out on Snoop’s comments.

“It was creepy and awkward but I just laughed it off. Then later on I realized, why does he get a free pass because he’s a rapper?” said the CBC’s Stephanie Clattenburg, the woman behind the camera. Reporter Elizabeth McMillan said: “It was uncomfortable. In retrospect I wish I handled it differently. But it felt like a no-win situation. So I just gritted my teeth and tried to get through.” (CBC)

Recently, Snoop revealed his support for potential female presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I’m not voting for the Republican Party or the Democratic Party,” Snoop told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. “I’m voting for the Gangsta Party. [Hillary will ban all legalized marijuana when she’s elected?] Don’t say that. That’s not true because I’m endorsing her right now and if that’s the case, she’s going to get un-endorsed. [laughs] You gotta fix that sh*t, Hillary, are you listening? Huh? Is somebody in that motherf*cker listening? Chelsea? The dog? Bill? Focus, n*gga. Don’t let her go crazy.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)