[With the highly-anticipated Avengers blockbuster set to hit theaters this Friday, SOHH’s buying into the hype by having your favorite entertainment personalities take on the superhero topic. Today, Trip Lee, Cormega, Camilla Poindexter and more create their own Rap Avengers.]

Trip Lee:

Trip Lee (The Avengers)

Iron Man – Busta Rhymes. I would maybe have to go with Busta Rhymes for Iron Man because I think of that explosiveness he’s shown throughout his whole entire career. I would probably have to say somebody like Busta.

Captain America – Jay-Z. I think you would have to say somebody like Jay. He’s got such an influence on hip-hop. This dude is getting older and he still has an influence on the game, of course he’s got more number ones than any other artist. Period.

The Hulk -Lecrae. I know it might sound strange but you look at a dude like him, being a Christian and doing his own thing, you look at him and when you put him in the zone and let him get on the mic, he’s a beast. People don’t expect him to explode on the mic like he does. I think I would have to say Lecrae.

Thor – Andre 3000. I don’t really know a lot about Thor but I know he’s got his own little swag going on. Andre’s got that swag and I think he’s always doing his own thing and he’s a beast in his own way.


Cormega (The Avengers)

Iron Man – Ghostface Killah. Come on, man! Of course I have to put Ghostface in there.

The Hulk – DMX. It’s his energy.

Thor – Snoop Dogg. Just like Thor always carries around the big hammer, he’s always carrying around that big blunt.

Captain America – Eminem. I’m going to let Eminem be Captain America. America’s been giving him the ‘best rapper’ title before he even really started busting a** on the mic and sh*t. But he’s earned all of that now. He’s like a super soldier for Dr. Dre.

Camilla Poindexter:

Camila Pointdexter (The Avengers)

Iron Man – Dr. Dre. When I saw him in person, he looked like he was just built of iron. I don’t know if you guys have seen Dr. Dre lately, but he’s buff. He has that steel and he’s big. I have to say Dre.

Hulk – Timbaland. For the Incredible Hulk, I’ve got to say Timbaland. He’s like super buff too.

Captain America – Jay-Z. I guess I’d have to say Jay-Z. I don’t want to say he runs hip-hop, but he has so much respect in the game from so many people in all different walks of life. He’s just that guy right now.

Thor – Ludacris. He’s very creative and for him, he’s so different. I love the way he raps and the styel. I feel like he sh*ts on everybody he f*cking raps against. The creativity of it. His videos are amazing. I could watch them all day long.

Warren G:

Warren G (The Avengers)

Iron Man – Dr. Dre. He’s powerful as a producer, as an artist and he’s powerful as a businessman. He’s got all of that.

Captain America -Warren G. I’ve got plenty of leadership qualities but I try to speak positive. When certain situations occur, I try to be the peacemaker and speak up for everybody.

The Hulk – Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg is the Incredible Hulk because he’s green.

Thor – Nate Dogg. He’s a rider like that. He’s going to handle his business any way he has to. If he has to fly, he’ll fly. If he has to drive, he’ll drive.

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