Amber Rose’s Curves Are No Joke, KG Keeps It Too Real On Live TV, One More Look At Nicki Minaj’s Assets?

Fresh Friday. We’re feeling fresh SOHH why not get things going with Amber Rose‘s assets getting a close examination? Speaking of the realness, how about Kevin Garnett keeping it a little too real on live TV? Speaking of superstars, can we all just take another look at Nicki Minaj‘s 34-year-old incredible body? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

1. The Realness

Is there any denying Amber Rose’s sexiness? She’s a true boss chick but aside from her executive ways, her body is ridiculous. Well into her 30’s, she’s balanced marriage, a baby, divorce and plenty more – including keeping her body on point. Akademiks TV is on it:



Are you feeling the curves? Can you believe it? Real-99 or are you going with everyone saying her booty’s fake? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. KG-13


Are you a fan of live TV or do you prefer stuff already recorded? Turns out retired NBA stud Kevin Garnett has always been a real one and proved it last night during his NBA On TNT segment. Baller Alert is on it:

#KevinGarnett forgot he was on TV

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Do you miss Kevin Garnett in the NBA? Can you salute his realness right here? Is this too wild for you to deal with? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Azz-tounding

You’ve already seen the pictures all over the place but we have to take a moment to praise Nicki Minaj’s body. Having turned 34 yesterday (December 8), she delivered the goods with some big pics. Instagram has the shots:



Is she the baddest in the game? Are you loving Nicki Minaj’s 34 years on this planet? Does she have any competition both beauty-wise and mic-wise? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the scoop from your favorite gossip sites.