Vixen Amber Rose might want to pay her ex-husband a quick visit. Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has social media’s attention after flexing his insane workout body.

Wizzy went to Instagram this week with a shirtless shot of himself and put some respeck on his physique.

A few days ago, Wiz appeared to low-key hint at a possible Amber Rose reunion going down.

“See I met this b*tch she was so d*mn fine. Had to f*ck that b*tch just one more time. Have you seen her? Tell me have you seen her?”

Earlier the same day, Amber Rose wiped her Instagram page clean.

Last week, an interview went viral of Amber announcing her 21 Savage breakup.

“I love him, I really love him, and I miss him, I think about him every day. I can’t say that I’m single because, in my heart, I still love him. For me to say, I’m single means I want to go out and find something else, like I’m ready to mingle, and I’m not. My heart is still with him, so hopefully, we can work it out. If we can’t, the love is still there. Hopefully, we’ll be able to be friends. …. We’re having a rough patch, I guess you would say. It’s still very fresh. I can never sit up here and say I’m single [because] I don’t feel single. I was just with him and I still love him.” (“Big Boy TV”)