What the….? Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa went from being the cutest hip-hop couple in the game to being the most shocking breakup story of the year, well, aside from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Amber went from twerking for her man’s number one album last month to filing divorce papers. Without a doubt, they won the week. Here are the Top 10 Instagram Moments of the Week! [Make sure to follow SOHH’s Instagram! IG: sohhdotcom]

Pic 1: A Week Agoooo

Amber 1

As the old saying goes? It was all good just a week agoooooooo….

Pic 2: Ye Speaks

amber 2

Even Kanye West had to remind y’all his chick’s still badder than Amber Rose. Ouch.

Pic 3: The Tyra Moment

amber 3

No one saw this one coming.

Pic 4: Hey Stranger

amber 4

Let’s not act like Kanye West isn’t thinking about just how freaky Kim Kardashian is willing to become…

Pic 5: Kermit Knows

amber 5

The sky is blue. Apples are red. Amber Rose and Nick Cannon aren’t secretly dating. Riggggggght…

Pic 6: Put The Pieces Together

amber 6

There’s too many pieces to this puzzle.

Pic 7: Back To Square One

amber 7

Let’s be real. Did too much freedom and spotlight make Amber’s appeal diminish?

Pic 8: Tat On, Tat Off

amber 8

Kids, remember what your parents said about getting tattoos? And now you know…

Pic 9: It’s A Wrap

amber 9

Wiz tried. And Amber’s really showing her colors by coming out with the cheating accusations while Wiz is playing it cool on social media taking pics with dogs. Subliminal messaging?

Pic 10: Strip It Down

amber 10

Message of the year.