Vixen Amber Rose doesn’t hold back when it comes to her personal life especially talking to hip-hop personality Peter Rosenberg. This week, the blonde bombshell pulled through for an in-depth “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg” appearance.

In the chat, Amber came clean on what key characters have connected her to overnight NBA boyfriend Monté Morris.

“No, it’s very true,” Rose responded when asked if her new relationship with boyfriend Monté Morris is as lovey dovey as it appears. “Monte is very normal. I’m very normal. He’s from Flint, Michigan. He’s an amazing guy, comes from a good family. He loves his mama, he loves my son. He loves me, he’s like my best friend. We just have fun together and that’s what I felt like I always needed, but I felt like I had to go through what I had to go through in order to accept that healthy love into my life.” (“Open Late W/ Peter Rosenberg”)

Amber also dished on how rap star Nicki Minaj landed on ex-boyfriend Kanye West‘s “Monster” smash.

“I believed in Nicki from the beginning! I was with Kanye at the time and said you gotta give her a shot, she’s amazing and really dope. He’s like, ‘Unhhhh.’ I’m like please she’s my friend, she’s dope. He was like, ‘Alright.’ He tried it out and he put her on ‘Monster’ and said, ‘D*mn, she f*cking killed that sh*t!” I think that’s why she gave me a shout out on ‘Monster.'” (“Open Late W/ Peter Rosenberg”)

A few days ago, Amber shared a pic of herself and MM together at a Colorado Rockies ball game.

Earlier this month, Rose and MM shared some flirty social media exchanges with one another.

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