Vixen Amber Rose has a message to everyone hating on her controversial SlutWalk. The model-turned-TV personality has come forward with one final response to the critics.

Rose jumped on Instagram Sunday (October 9) and penned a lengthy post about the importance of her annual walk.

If you don't like the Slutwalk movement don't follow it. It's really simple. Mind ur fucking business and please stop telling women to dim our lights. We're Powerful and we have a voice! And to all of the men and women out there judging us "whores" and "sluts" think about ur mom begging for ur daddy's cum when she conceived you. You got a step Daddy? Half brothers and sisters? Then by societies standards your moms a Slut too. No one actually looks or considers their Mom to be a sexual being but she is, so am I and so are all the women that showed up for slutwalk and all over the world. Let's stop pointing the finger. Women are being raped, victimized, Slut Shamed and ridiculed for No God Damn reason! Don't blame us Blame the Rapists, Blame the Slut Shamers! Blame the Men that took advantage, blame society for teaching us to not be proud of our cellulite and stretch marks. We give birth Ladies let's teach our children to be the better Generation, teach our boys and girls about Consent and to not be judge mental. Referring to myself as a slut is me taking back this derogatory word and taking the pain and bullying out of it. If you don't want to do that you don't have to. It works for me and most of the women that follow me we will not be put down for being confident in our sexuality. If that makes you feel uncomfortable so be it. #amberroseslutwalk

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This weekend, rap veteran Benzino poured out his problems with the SlutWalk movement.

“I don’t want to cause a beef because at the end of the day she’s a woman and I’m a man. It’s not no beef. It’s just, I had my opinions on the whole SlutWalk thing. I guess [my ex-girlfriend] Althea was at the SlutWalk and she tried to use that to say, ‘Hey look, your son’s mother was there,’ which, I don’t think a child should be around half-naked men and women and all the craziness, the twerking and pole dancing. … I don’t think her son was there, she probably wouldn’t care or not. At the end of the day, I just felt like this whole SlutWalk was just a sham, it’s just something for her own self interests. It’s just about her so she can sell her merchandise and try to keep getting famous off of what she does or who knows. Now, she’s trying to use Althea and my son who I’m sure had no choice but to go – she started the SlutWalk so I guess she’s Queen Slut. But own it. Don’t get mad because of your perception of what the public is saying. … She’s clever because she’s using her celebrity to confuse people.” (TMZ)

Earlier this week, Zino and Rose publicly clashed across social media.

#ClapBackSeason #AmberRose responds to #Benzino's drag-fest! 🍿 View previous posts!

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Last weekend, Zino explained his issues with Rose’s SlutWalk meaning.

“This isn’t about somebody calling somebody names. People call people’s names. This ain’t about that. See this is about teaching our daughters that you don’t have to sleep around with men for money to get ahead in life or that you could be even better than a man if you studied and worked hard and you can accomplish anything in life without degrading yourself. It’s not ever been about what you wear. People wear all kinds of things. It’s about how you hold yourself as a woman.”