Days after singling out ex-boyfriend Kanye West during a live performance, vixen Amber Rose has come back down to reality and reminded us she’s still all about rumored lover Machine Gun Kelly.

Rose took to her Instagram account last night (May 9) to show the world MGK’s on her mind.

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Although brief with her words, Rose admitted she is actively involved with MGK a few days ago.

“We’re enjoying each other’s company,” Rose said when asked what’s going on with her and Kelly. “I’m really just a normal girl, I’m just from Philly. I’m a down Philly chick. I’m really sweet, I’m nice to everyone. I hardly ever say no to a picture with my fans. I really go out of my way for people who support me. I’m just all about women empowerment and coming together and being positive towards each other.” (XXL Mag)

Reports last week suggested Rose had a fling brewing with the Bad Boy Records rapper.

Coincidentally, Rose recently admitted she still loved estranged husband Wiz Khalifa but had interest in dating other people.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Amber said: ‘We’re not back together but ideally I would like to. He’s the love of my life and we have a beautiful kid together but right now we’re just dating other people. She added: ‘We’re working on our friendship and co-parenting for Sebastian which is the most important thing.’ (Daily Mail)