Vixen Amber Rose is pulling for every female victim to sexual assault. The hip-hop model has come forward to speak out on the global epidemic.

Muva Rose went to Instagram Monday (December 18) to share her support for all women ousting their attackers.

I’m so happy women are stepping up and outing ALL these men! I Swear to God I believe each and every one! Before you ask the question “Why did they wait so long?” Think about it……… All of these men were in very powerful positions. These Women were scared! Scared to fall on deaf ears, scared to be scrutinized by people like you, scared to be known as “the girl the got raped by that famous guy” scared that she would be accused of only wanting money while the whole time she’s suffering on the inside. SCARED FOR THIER LIVES! Rape is about having power over someone so please stop with the “He could’ve fucked any girl he wanted why would he rape her?” ur answer is they wanted control and power in that moment and Now justice is being served! 🙏🏽❤️🤷🏼‍♀️ Someday soon I will tell you my full story but until then just know I stand with all of you ladies and men who have been raped and victimized I know what ur going through and that’s why I started my Slutwalk and Women’s Conference. #metoo ur not alone.

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Last week, music mogul Russell Simmons went to social media and promised to fight back against the growing sexual attack claims.

Recently, multiple women stepped up and singled Russell out over sexual misconduct.

After the latest accusations, Simmons immediately came forward with a statement to deny the graphic claims.

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