Amber Rose Goes Nude + Announces Free OnlyFans Access

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Amber Gives Free OnlyFans Pass

Vixen Amber Rose is giving the best price ever for her OnlyFans page. The hip-hop model lights up her Instagram page to announce she's giving access to her popular adult premium service for free-99.

Amber Rose
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Amber Rose Goes Nude

Muva Rose went to her IG page to deliver the massive announcement. Amber shared a jaw-dropping censored shot of herself wearing nothing but a couple of emojis on her upper body.

“My ONLYFANS is free today!!! Hurry up & get in there 🥰🤤💦 LINK IN BIO” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

Amber Rose goes nude.

Amber Rose Sparks OnlyFans Backlash

The popular model recently went to Instagram with some looks at her curve game in lingerie with a plug to her OnlyFans account. However, a handful of followers took the opportunity to tell Amber to reconsider putting her body’s most intimate parts on display for public consumption.

“When you finally lose the baby weight just so you can be a Hoe again 😩😍🤣 Link in bio” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

“😍😍😍” -Jade

Despite a co-sign from New York vixen Jade, ample people questioned the motivation for posting explicit-looking content for profit.

“Go be a mother 🙄”

“Feel bad for her son lol 😂”

“Here’s an idea: how about just be a good mother😯”

“That’s cute and all but she didn’t lose the baby weight she went to a plastic surgeon. I’m not knocking her for it but everyone should know that these bodies are made and not homegrown”

“But her dude okay with this smh. Well she is from south philly 🤷‍♂️”

“You need more money?😂”
Amber Rose sparks OnlyFans backlash.

Amber Rose’s OnlyFans Movement

The same week, Muva Rose went to her Instagram page and didn’t leave much to the imagination. She shared some footage and clips of herself promoting her overnight OnlyFans presence.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time 😏 Link in bio” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

Tahiry and Tyga’s New Hustles

Recently, “Love & Hip Hop” star Tahiry José and West Coast hip-hop artist Tyga took time out of their daily hustles to push their adult-themed OnlyFans accounts. Tahiry told Instagram followers to look out for a “special” treat while Tyga appeared to promise uncensored content on his page.

“Dropped a “special treat” at midnight on my #OnlyFans page! onlyfans – TheRealTahiry 🥰💌😘” -Tahiry José’s Instagram

“ONLYFANS^^” -Tyga’s Instagram

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