Vixen Amber Rose isn’t going to get caught slipping ever again. The hip-hop model has reportedly hired a serious security force to protect her following a publicized home break-in.

According to reports, Rose will now have 24-hour security at her California home.

We’re told Amber hired off-duty cops to walk the perimeter of her house on a 24/7 basis. Amber will also have at least one off-duty cop inside her house day and night … for safe measure. We’re told Amber thinks she might have a stalker on her hands, so she’ll also have guards following her when she leaves the house. Even when she’s gone, guards will still protect the property. (TMZ)

Yesterday, reports surfaced about the unnamed criminal breaking into Rose’s home while she and family slept.

Our Amber sources tell us her assistant even got up to make food while the perp was chilling somewhere in the house. We’re told Amber saw the broken window in the afternoon, checked her surveillance footage … and saw the dude break into her crib. She also saw footage of him fleeing. Amber called cops who are now on scene investigating. Even weirder … we’re told the alleged B&E culprit didn’t steal anything. (TMZ)

This week, Rose sparked headlines after publicly going at musicians Tyga and Beyoncé on Twitter.


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However, a few hours later Rose suggested her account may have been compromised.

We both got hacked fuck it #safeword @cthagod 😩

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