Troubled Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes has once again resorted to Twitter disses by going after one-time love interest Drake over his facial features.

Despite previously making numerous flirty tweets toward the Young Money star, Bynes blasted Drizzy with a slew of jabs.

It looks like someone has changed her tune! Amanda Bynes posted on Twitter today that she’s over her crush on Drake–in a matter of words. “Drake has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes,” she said. She later deleted the tweet. Upon hearing the sudden change of heart, blogger Perez Hilton asked Bynes why she’s over the rapper. Bynes made other comments about the rapper (and apparently deleted those as well), and then went on to say, “I won’t deny calling @Drake ugly.” Hmmm…sounds like she’s definitely moving on from the “Started From the Bottom” performer! (E! Online)

Earlier in the week, Amanda publicly apologized for dissing ex-G.O.O.D Music member Kid Cudi.

Today, it seems the image in the window has played a large part in Bynes’ very messy, very public fall from grace. Amanda Bynes can’t stop talking about her appearance, or the appearances of others. Her favorite word? “Ugly.” “F**k the ugly editors of Intouch! I’m not racist! My account was hacked,” she tweeted on Monday. In another recent twitter rant she called “ugly ex” Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi “an ugly duckling,” adding that “his best photos aren’t s*** compared to mine at my best.” Bynes later apologized for the “hack,” insisting that Mescudi “isn’t ugly.” (Fox News)

Back in April, Bynes went off on Drake with an ugly-related tweet.

“Loving far apart eyes @drake,” she wrote, linking to an image of the the 26-year-old rapper. Interestingly enough, she then re-tweeted responses from her followers actually insulting her crush, with one describing Drake as having “hammerhead shark eyes,” and another implying Drake’s mother “drank during her pregnancy.” To top off all the weirdness, Bynes, 27, tweeted another image — a split-screen shot of her What I Like About You co-star Nick Zano (on the left) and Drake — with the caption, “Hot to the left and Ugly @drake to the right.” (RadarOnline)

Interestingly enough, Bynes oozed over Drizzy a week prior and even crowned him “King.”

Amanda Bynes is continuing her obsession with Drake, who is continuing to ignore her! The actress achieved social media infamy when she tweeted to Drake weeks ago, “murder my (censored, word for ‘lady parts’!). ” And that was just the beginning. Bynes tweeted the word “King” to Drake early Monday, complete with photo, as some fans are calling her out for her bizarre behavior. (RadarOnline)