New York rap pioneer Pete Rock feels a certain type of way about the hip-hop game in 2016. After singling out Young Dolph last week, the respected producer may have taken another shot at a newcomer.

A screenshot has surfaced of Rock allegedly voicing his thoughts on a recent Lil Yachty freestyle.

Last week, Rock clashed with Young Dolph over one of his music videos.

No stranger to disputes, Dolph previously feuded with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti.

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Dolph previously dished on his stance toward Gotti.

“No, I ain’t got no problems with Gotti. I ain’t got no problems with no rapper. Nobody, period,” he said. “I’m just turning this shit around. I’m just making this shit different. Think about how many rappers done got hot and blew up and became millionaires out of Memphis in the last 10 years. Think about that shit. In the last 10 years, what rappers done came out and blew up and became a millionaire? Yo Gotti and Young Dolph. Triple 6, 8ball and MJG, that was their time. And even in their time, who all was it — nobody but Three Six and 8ball and MJG.” (XXL Mag)